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Hey there, so happy to have you here! We're a couple owned design studio helping passionate business owners see their vision come to life (but 100x better). We've created Piggz Design in 2020 with a dream to help ambitious, purpose-driven entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams by handcrafting each brand identity & website uniquely to fit its owner.

We work on every project with the same passion as if it was our own, making sure your business gets the attention it deserves, and attracts your desired dreamy audience. We truly believe "no one is you and that is your power", and we transform exactly that power into visuals. Our mission is to empower businesses, to stand out from the crowd of similarities and embrace their own unique power through beautiful & functional designs.

Meet the team


Hi there, I'm the brand strategist and designer behind Piggz Design. I loved painting, drawing and art as long as I've known myself and so driven by my passion and with the help of my fiancé, Piggz Design was born. I thrive when I help passionate business owners make their dreams come true through my very own. For me, being a part of helping other entrepeneurs build their business is magic. When you can't find me designing, I'm probably reading the best romance novels of all time, enjoying a walk along the sea, crocheting or playing video games.


Hello there reader, I am the web designer and web developer for Piggz Design. With the power of coding I love creating weird and passionate projects, like this fully custom website you are looking at right now, and many others. When I'm not coding I feel fufilled by photography, cinematography, freestyle cooking, videogaming and especially driving for long hours. But mostly I am focused in becoming the best I can be in software engineering.

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