The Mini
Offboarding Bundle

Did someone say... FREEBIE?

Who downloads all the freebies that come across on the internet? Guilty! No matter if you're a designer or a business owner.. this one's for you! Get more organized, plan your day, grab some Instagram templates, offboard a client, create a passion project.. we have all the goodies here!


Client Offboarding Guide


Our Off-boarding Guide ensures a professional and effective ending for client projects. It's natural for clients to feel overwhelmed with received files, making it the designer's role to clarify each element and usability.

The template provides detailed explanations for filetypes like PNG, EPS, PDF, SVG, AI, and color versions in Pantone, CMYK, RGB. It also covers OTF, TTF, WOFF font files and bleed descriptions, all contributing to a professional yet user-friendly experience.

What you need:
Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Indesign - basic understanding of the software to tweak and edit the templates. Activating the Adobe Fonts on if you want to use the same ones.


Love, Lara Passion Project


A 2 page detailed fictional candle and scent business brief called 'Love, Lara', including a free mood board layout.

Create a passion project to level up your skills, learn something new or attract your dream clients. It's always freeing when you don't need to send your design for feedback.. right?

What you need:
Any kind of program that opens a PDF file, Adobe Illustrator for the free mood board layout.


Desktop organizer


Are you the same as me, takings screenshots, saving files and making notes all over your desktop? I gotchu! I have created a desktop organizer wallpaper, to get more organized, and give an aesthetic look to my computer no matter what. Now you can do the same! Simply change the pictures, quotes, colors, fonts and adjust the calendar part to fit the current month.

What you need:
Adobe Illustrator or Canva (even free version works) - basic understanding of the software to tweak and edit the templates.


The Ultimate
Planner Bundle


'Vintage-Scrapbook Edition'. Do you like taking time to plan out your day, week or even month? Same. I also love writing down other things such as my goals for the month, how much was my income or how much I spent, focus on some personal reflection or plan out my Instagram content.

Running a biz is hard, so I've created the ULTIMATE PLANNER BUNDLE to make your (and my own) life easier! It doesn't matter if you're a designer or a product based business owner, this one's for you.

What you need:
Canva account


Artboard presentation


Feeling bored by the way you showcase your design work on Instagram? I gotchuu! You might have seen that these artboard presentations got pretty popular these days, and TBH everybody LOVES seeing them! I prepped 3 different layouts for your next projects! Just open the Illustrator file, fill it up with your beautiful work, take a snap with your phone or a screenshot, and you’re good to go. You can even record a timelapse of how you put it all together, trust me, your audience will love it.

What you need:
Adobe Illustrator

Guide on how to use the templates

Each template includes a How to use pdf which will guide you through the 'tricky' parts.

Products via Canva contain a pdf with a clickable link. This will redirect you to your template. From then on you can freely edit everything!

Products for Adobe Illustrator or InDesign should be simply opened as well. Change the fonts and colors to match your brand, and you're good to go!

We're always happy to help! If you find yourself confused, feel free to reach out to us via an email so we can give you a further explanation.