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We understand the value of your time

Are you finding it challenging to create engaging presentations or experiencing frequent client revisions? We've been there too.

That's why we've developed our templates, meticulously crafted through our own design process.

Our goal is to streamline your workflow, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects that truly matter. Let's elevate your presentations together.

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Brand Strategy &
Creative Direction

Fully customisable 35 page file

Our Brand Strategy and Creative Direction template is designed to help you establish solid foundations before starting a brand identity project. It offers two creative direction concepts for clients to choose from, and essential strategic elements to consider. While it doesn't instruct on brand strategy, it does provide a structure to build upon. By using this template, you can ensure a smooth start and minimize revisions, ultimately saving time and resources.

However please note, this template will not teach you brand strategy itself.


Client Project

Fully customisable 15 page file

Our Project Proposal template is designed to assist you in articulating your services effectively, presenting your pricing structure, and detailing your process to your clients. It serves as a crucial step in setting clear expectations following an initial inquiry or discussion.

By utilizing this template, you can build trust and confidence with your clients through a comprehensive overview of your offerings. Showcase your team, present various package options, and illustrate the project workflow. Enhance your professional image by incorporating positive reviews, testimonials, and relevant past projects that resonate with your potential clients.


Brand Guidelines

A Brand Guidelines Document is a crucial tool for maintaining brand consistency. This template outlines the specific rules and standards for presenting a brand to the public, encapsulating the company's identity, purpose, and values. By providing this document, you ensure that your clients understand how to correctly use the branding you've created for them. This leads to a consistent representation of the brand, enhancing its overall image and impact.


Brand Proposal

Fully customisable 30 page template file

Our Brand Proposal template is your solution for effectively presenting your brand identity concepts. It's designed to provide a comprehensive and professional view of your work, reducing the need for numerous revisions.

This template allows you to explain every detail of your design, including logo variations and social media applications. It also offers pages to include mockups, showcasing your designs in real-life scenarios.

By using this template, you can guide your clients through your process, manage their expectations, and build trust. It's the same template I use with my own clients, and it's proven to be effective in gaining approvals with minimal revisions.

Information guide

Information guide

Fully customizable 10 page template file

Upon receiving an inquiry through your contact form, this comprehensive Information Guide Template is THE way to make the next steps with your potential clients. Make sure to send this pdf over with a welcome email!

Imagine this as your friendly guide that introduces your business, your amazing services, and your unique process to potential clients, even before your first call! It's super adaptable! Whether you offer tiered branding packages or want to showcase your basic service offerings, this template's got you covered. Each section is designed to give potential clients a clear understanding of what you do, complete with client testimonials to vouch for you. It's your chance to make a great first impression and get them excited about working with you!

Guide on how to use the templates

Simply open them in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, change the fonts and colors to match your brand, add in your own content and you're all good to go!

Adobe Illustrator files mostly include the images, while InDesign files have grey blocks to show where your photos need to go.

Each template includes a How to use pdf which will guide you through the 'tricky' parts if you are a beginner to the Adobe suite.

We're always happy to help! If you find yourself confused, feel free to reach out to us via an email so we can give you a further explanation.