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BoldBird Apparel was founded to help ambitious, educated women who crave for a better world, to express themselves through clothing. Their mission is to empower women to be fearless, bold, more confident and seen. To express this empowering and bold nature of the brand, a customised chunky font was used. The swallow visually represents the brand name and it's meaning as well, a bold bird who's not scared to fly away and free itself! The hand-drawn flower in the middle of the O gives a friendly, fun finishing touch to the concept.



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Laura says:

"My rebrand experience with Piggz was such a treat! Everything was laid out so clearly right from the start. During the process I saw my little brand develop into something bold and beautiful. Seeing my brand now is like looking at one of my children. I am just in awe, and I absolutely love it!!"

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