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Sparkling Rose Co's mission is to help you feel empowered by believing in the power of beauty and self-care, help you build confidence and find a community. Sparkling Rose is the reminder, that you have the power to break the mould of being a traditional woman and become your dream self. To communicate this, the main logo icon is a woman with two roses that represent her inner and outer self both being equally beautiful, while they also connect to the brand's name. Mixing the luxury yet soft serif with a handwritten typeface we add a more feminine touch to the concept.



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Fatema says:

"I let her show me what I needed because I trusted her expertise and I had no complaints/issues during our process. She was quick with getting design concepts to me and the communication was effortless. I barely had any questions because I already knew what to expect. I would say I was "WOW-ed" and very excited every time I got an email from her"

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