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BeautybyPreita is a luxuriously natural makeup line, committed to quality and purity, dedicated to transform the way women use makeup. These best performing products are never tested on animals, have no harmful artificial chemicals, all vegan and clean. It was the founder's dream as a little girl to create a makeup line, so BeautybyPreita is that girl's dream come true. To refer back to the girly personality and the dream as a young girl, we chose a princess theme for the visuals. The oval shape reminds us of a mirror from a princess movie, and while the classy letters add to that feeling, they also create an elegant, more serious concept. The colors are girly but luxury, completing the look.



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Pratima says:

"It was an honor to work with you! I think everything turned out perfectly. I feel very heard as a client. I appreciated the weekly updates and the line of communication! The ideas I had in my head come to life. I definitely recommend!"

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